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RFIP is a supplier of:

  • RFID focussed consultancy services. RFIP provides a range of consulting services to support the cost effective evaluation and implementation of viable RFID systems. These services can range from a short feasibility study to a full installation evaluation and custom engineering design.

  • RFID based product development, but not limited to this technology. Recent developments include a ruggedized NFC HF RFID system incorporating RFID, GPRS, WiFi and GPS functionality in a single battery powered unit.

  • RFID equipment such as readers, tags and antennas at LF, HF and UHF. We have a number of relationships with major RFID equipment manufacturers such as HID and CAEN. Sales are conducted through The RFID Shop, a web based e-commerce site. Equipment is available in small quantities allowing new users to try out the technology with a minimum investment. We also supply equipment in larger and tailored quantities and discounts can be negotiated for such orders.


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